Chorus Final

The Great Western Chorus of Bristol (MW)
The Kentones
Wight Harmony
The ViPs
Capital Chorus
Shannon Express
Vale Harmony
Vocal Fusion
Anvil Chorus
Ouse Valley Chorus
MK Acappella
Ocean Harmony
Meantime Chorus
Thames Valley Chorus
Cambridge Chord Company
Rolling Hills Chorus
The Cottontown Chorus
Oxford Harmony
Knights of Harmony
Sussex Harmonisers
Harmony Revival
Tuxedo Junction
Southern Union
Clwyd Clippers
White Rose Chorus
Harmony Lincs
Major Oak Chorus
Heart Of England Chorus
5 Ways
The Telfordaires
Mantunian Way
Grand Central Chorus
Fine City Chorus
Granite City Chorus
The Royal Harmonics
Spirit Of Harmony
The Great Western Chorus of Bristol (MC)



National Chorus Final
26th May 2018

The chorus list alongside is shown in competition order.
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